We have selected the best hotels for you:

  1. Dhow Palace Hotel
  2. Mwezi Hotel Jambiani
  3. Paje By Night
  4. Kichanga Lodge
  5. Breezes Beachclub Zanzibar



Stown Town Dhow Palace Hotel

dhow palace hotel Zanzibar

The Dhow, which has the pulse of the East African culture, is carrying people, goods and treasures from and to Zanzibar since hundreds of years. Nowadays, the Dhow Palace serves as a meeting place for people and cultures from all over the world, amid a backdrop of artifacts from days gone by.

Dhow Palace was originally the home of a wealthy merchant, Sheikh bin Mujbia. Bin Mujbia and his descendants lived in the building for more than three centuries before it was sold. The Dhow Palace building,
right in the heart of Stone Town, has witnessed many eventsdhow palace room place on Zanzibar. The Dhow building itself became the center of attention when it was rebuilt in 1993 from a mansion to this elegant hotel. In 2005, the beautiful new wing was added.

The Dhow Palace can be described as a living museum dedicated to furniture, art and oriental ornaments that have found their way in past centuries to the Zanzibar coast.


From 70 euros per person per night, excluding flight from Arusha to Zanzibar 190 euros per person. *




Mwezi Hotel Jambiani

Mwezi means moon in Swahili and represents all that is rhythmic and cyclic. The hotel offers a total of thirteen lodges seven full moon Houses, Moon five houses, and a Beach House.mwezi hotel

All lodges are located in two staggered rows, so that from every lodge in the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean is present. Each room has a private entrance and a large veranda where you can enjoy the sea air and the view. Each lodge is like a shell slightly sunken in the sand.

Unlike the moon Houses, the Full Moon houses feature a living room with a large built-in sofa and a terrace on the sea.

The Beach House is a small house on the beach with kitchenette and stunning sea views.

The lodges are all unique and different and in an exclusive way furnished in an exclusive way. The entire interior, Mwezi beach hotelaccessories and furniture, from the comfy king size bed, designed by the owners in collaboration with the local community in a creative workshop.
The artwork and paintings from young African painters and sculptors.

These are the sheep own mwezi Boutique Resort so unique and special.


From 65 euros per person per night, excluding flight from Arusha to Zanzibar 190 euros per person. *




Paje By Night

There is no other hotel in Zanzibar like this with unique touches of passion made hotel where you look. The hotel is ideal for thosepaje by night lodgeis looking for a hotel based on fine details. Book this beautiful hotel to fully experience the magic of Zanzibar.

Paje By Night is different from other hotels in Zanzibar. You’ll find white sand, palm trees and many traditional construction techniques in the hotel, from the lamps to the very unique pool.Paje beach

Rooms range from standard single and double rooms to king-size and family bungalows all mixed with the
special guest as you will find in any other hotel in Zanzibar.


From 65 euros per person per night, excluding flight from Arusha to Zanzibar 190 euros per person. *




Kichanga Lodge

kichanga lodge hotelKichanga hotel is one of the best kept secrets of Zanzibar, located under swaying palms in a beautiful setting on the southeastern coast of the island. This private resort houses charming bungalows with ocean views, located on a beautiful hillside to the sea. Kichanga Lodge not only offers the perfect combination of romance and relaxation, but also lively beach activities such as kite surfing and diving for the adventurous vacationer.

It offers charming bungalows with a fantastic view of the ocean, perched on the sea. Ideal for families or kichanga swimming poolgroups of people who want to experience an unforgettable holiday in a private atmosphere. On one side of the hotel there is a garden and on the other a long white sand beach for a walk along the coast.


From 85 euros per person per night, excluding flight from Arusha to Zanzibar 190 euros per person. *




Breezes Beachclub Zanzibar

Breezes Beach Club Zanzibar is one of the finest hotels on the island and is the ideal choice for those looking for a romantic getaway. The hotel is famous for attentionbreezes hotel zanzibar to detail, intimate and private dining, beautiful Zanzibari decor with beautiful carvings, shimmering copper and rich fabrics create an elegant and unique atmosphere.

The hotel is situated along a pristine beach on the South East coast of Zanzibar island in the most peaceful and unspoiled part of the island. The beach is in the top 30 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The hotel also has a nice spa. For centuries, the island of Zanzibar has evoked a mystical and magical dream. There is no better place to experience the fantastic environment, breezes poolbeautiful beach and experience our friendly staff.


From 146 euros per person per night, excluding flight from Arusha to Zanzibar 190 euros per person. *



*All prices are subject to rate changes.