Beach holiday on the coasts of Tanzania. We offer you the possibility to extend your trip with a beach holiday.

After a safari in Tanzania, a few days beach holidays are a nice relaxation before returning home.This is offered through long, palm-fringed beaches north or south of Dar es Salaam or the offshore islands such as Iceland Mafia, Pemba or Zanzibar. Bathing, diving, fishing, snorkeling and other water sports are varied daytime program of activities. Who has not seen or experienced enough, the journey can be extended with a beach holiday.

Tanzanian coast (Swahili Coast)

What’s better to treat yourself after a dusty safari or a strenuous climbing to the peak a few days relaxing on the beach? Tanzania has beautiful beaches both on the mainland and on the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

Popular places on the mainland can be found in the coastal towns Tanga, Pangani, Bagamoyo or Kilwa, which in addition to fantastic stands a rich culture.


Pirate myths, the smell of exotic spices and fruits in a tropical paradise – all promises from Zanzibar! The town of Stone Town is rich in history and formerly stories. Narrow lanes, Arab houses, fairytale palaces and dreamy tropical beaches await visitors. Zanzibar beach holiday


Hilly and green is this little island, north of Zanzibar. Since Pemba is far less known than Zanzibar, a quiet and original atmosphere is preserved here. Pemba beach holiday


South of Zanzibar the Indian Ocean is surrounded by coral reefs and is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. On the east coast of the island you can see sea turtles if you are lucky. Even whale sharks, humpback whales and bats are here at home. Mafia is far less known than Zanzibar and Pemba which offer more tourist infrastructure. The local population live primarily from fishing. Mafia beach holiday