Hofland Expeditions supports three local charities in Arusha and surroundings: a local school, an orphanage and a project called Sibusiso.

5% of your travel sum will be used to support these projects. In this way you will have a great time in Tanzania and at the same time you are able to help the local people. With your contribution and other donations, we help a number of orphanages and local schools. We mainly help children in the age of 0-12.


This foundation is helping mentally disabled children in Tanzania. For more information you can visit their website: www.sibusiso.com

Local schoolsSchool

(The Kijenge Primary School)

The local schools are owned by the government ; there is no money for ‘fancy’ goods. With the donations that we receive and your 5% of the travel sum, we try to contribute to a better education and a better life for the children.

To give you an idea of what we buy for the children, here are some examples: pens, blackboards, footballs, pencils, school books, school banks, clothes, footwear, dolls and other toys.


The orphanages are also managed by the government and churches; hence there are not enough means for ‘fancy’ goods. We visit the orphanages personally, so that we get a good impression of what is really needed.

Your 5% contribution (from the travel sum) and other gifts are spend on; beds, blankets, clothes, pans, plates, footwear, school attributes, school money and of course toys!

How do we know what to purchase?orphanage

Once a month I have a meeting with the school administration/leaders. In this meeting they tell me what the children really need and what they will need in the future.

It is always a great experience to see the children’s faces when we bring new gifts.

During your stay in Arusha you will have the opportunity to pay a visit to one of the projects we support – and you can see for yourself how we (with a relatively small budget) try to contribute to a better life of the local youth. If you wish to pay a visit to e.g. the school we are supporting, please let us know in advance.

Many thanks for your donation!

Menno Hofland