Kikuletwa Hotsprings

Visit the Hot Springs and experience a very special natural phenomenon where hot water comes up. The water of this source is turquoise blue and crystal clear and invites you to take a refreshing dive.

You leave with a local bus or Daladala from Arusha to Boma N’Gombe. This ride will take about one hour. The road will take you thru the typical African country side past forest land, riverbeds, acacia trees among many other different trees. The vast area, which the Europeans used for hunting ground during the 1800s, is home to many different tribe members, who live in peace with their neighbors. Although the game has long since migrated, it is still home of many animal species, including a great birds variety.

Worth knowing

  • The spring is pretty deep in middle, with a strong current. Swimming to the other side of the spring is a good workout.
  • Garra Rufa Fish are swimming in the water. These smart little fish are used by pedicures around the world. These fish suck and nibble your skin, tenderly removing dead skin cells through natural exfoliation. So you will emerge with shiny, revitalised feet.



The costs are € 59.00 per person. Water, lunchbox, guide, transport and villagfees are included in the price.